Modular silo

Modulsilo ikoner Modulsilo

BM Modular silo is a square modular built silo
designed for storing dry materials.

For decades, this silo has been renowned for
its very high quality and manufacturing precision.

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Measurements (mm) Height (m)
Contents (t) Load metre Consultative installation hours*
1050 x 1050 1.27 - 5.04 0.09 - 2.21 0.50 1 - 5
1300 x 1300 1.39 - 6.04 0.18 - 4.45 0.81 1 - 5.5
1550 x 1550 1.57 - 5.34 0.33 - 5.36 0.74 1 - 6.5
2050 x 2050 1.80-10.88 0.79 - 26.67 1.00 2.5 - 10
2550 x 2550 2,06-12,02 1,59 - 45,68 1,60 - 2,65 3,5 - 14,5
3000 x 3000 2,06-13,03 2,64 - 59,57 2,10 - 3,15 3,5 - 23

* Additional information about calculating installation hours


All panel sections on this silo are galvanized to give a long service life. The smooth steel panels ensure good internal hygiene and optimum silo discharge. The panels can withstand high-pressure cleaning. The silo is also available in stainless steel.

The modular system 
ensures a wide range of combinations which can easily be adapted to your needs and space.  Each module is made of plate parts which are easy to install on site.The height of all modular silo models with a 45° bottom can subsequently be increased to the largest model in the series.The height of the 100 - 200 model silos with a 60° bottom can subsequently be increased to the largest model in the series.

Installation in existing buildings is not a problem, as all silo parts can pass through a standard doorway.

Injection unit complete with tanker lorry connection flange, piping, filter box and filter bag can be supplied with the silo or easily fitted later.

The bottom cone is available with two different angles.
The 45° cone is suitable for easy-flowing materials such as feed pellets, grain and wood pellets. The discharge measures 300x300 mm and has one shut-off slide.
The 60° cone has partition walls from top to bottom. It is suitable for materials which do not flow so easily such as mixed feed and soyabean meal.
The discharge measures 500x500 and has two shut-off slides measuring 250x500mm. By using the two slides alternately you can ensure that old feedstuff/material is always cleared from the silo. Model 100 is only delivered without partition wall and with 300x300mm discharge.

The leg length has been adapted to allow most standard feed system inlets and augers to be fitted under the silo. The discharge height can be adjusted as required by means of our wide range of extension legs.

Standard equipment
The modular silo comes with an inspection hatch, an inspection window, a manually operated shut-off slide and a steel cover.


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