Outdoor Modular Silo

BM Udendørs modulsilo

Modulsilo udendørs

BM Outdoor Modular silo is a square, modular
built silo for storage of dry materials.

All of the silo’s side panels have external
flanges with downfolded edges that seals the
horizontal joints. The flanges and the heavy
duty rubber filler strips ensure that the silo is
completely sealed.

The silo is dimensioned for a basic wind speed
of Vb = 27 m/s in terrain category II, and a
snow load of Sk = 0,9 kN/m².

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Measurements (mm) Height (m) Contents (t) Load metre Installation hours*
1550 x 1550 2.14 - 6.69 0.64 - 5.67 0.74 2 - 7.5
2050 x 2050 2.32 - 7.12 1.60 - 10.87 1.00 3.5 - 11
2550 x 2550 2.95 - 13.30 3.19 - 37.73 1.60 - 2.65 5 - 17
3000 x 3000 3.31 - 14.13 5.24 - 55.29 2.10 - 3.15 5 - 24

* Additional information about calculating installation hours


All panels on these silos are galvanized to give a long service life. The smooth steel panels ensure good hygiene and optimum silo discharge. The panels can withstand high-pressure cleaning. The silo is also availble in stainless steel.

The modular system offers a multitude of combinations and easy adaptation to individual needs and special conditions. Model 150 - 250 can all be increased in height at any time to form the largest model in that size.

45° roof with cyclone and injection pipe is standard. The cyclone top venting unit is protected by a rain cap. For processing dusty materials, the rain cap can be replaced by a vent pipe running down the silo wall. The silo is also available without the injection system possibility when filling by means of an auger or elevator.

The bottom cone is available with two different angles.
The 45° cone is suitable for easy-flowing materials. The discharge measures 300x300 mm and has one shut-off slide.
The 60° cone has a vertical partition wall. It is suitable for materials which do not flow so well.The discharge measures 500 x 500 and has two shut-off slides each measuring 250x500mm. By using the two outlets alternately you can ensure that old materials will never be left behind in the silo.

The leg length has been adapted to allow most feed system inlets and augers to be fitted under the silo. The discharge height can be adjusted as required by means of our wide range of extension legs.

Standard equipment
Injection pipe, tanker lorry connection flange, cyclone with rain cap or vent pipe, inspection door with window, manually operated shut-off slide and expansion bolts for fastening down to the base.


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