Transport Conveyor 102 mm

Transportsnegl ikoner transportsnegl 102 mm

BM Screw conveyor is made from components
with all external parts fully galvanized.

Nominal capacities T/H

  Worm gear motor
Auger rpm 187 280 400
Inlet angle 15° 3.4 5.1 7.3
Inlet angle 30° 3.0 4.6 6.5
Inlet angle 45° 2.4 3.6 5.1
Indlet angle 60° 1.8 2.7 3.9

102 mm piping has been used for this screw to ensure a capacity that meets most demands, e.g. in connection with the production of feedstuff. Complete extensions with piping, screw, connection flange and shaft are available in 0.5 - 1.0 - 2.0 and 3.0 m lengths. The maximum conveying length is 10 metres.

The drive is normally placed at the outlet end and is available with a a worm gear motor. The standard outlet is Ø150 mm or OK160.

Beet and wood pellets are normally too big and heavy for conveying in a standard screw. We have therefore designed a special screw sized for this task.

Four different inlets ensure optimum flexibility. All standard inlets are supplied with a bottom bearing as standard.

45° outlet, intermediate bearing, extra inlet/outlet, level control, cover plates, connectors and extension sides for 300x300 mm inlets.

Length calculation

15° inlet angle


30° inlet angle


45° inlet angle


60° inlet angle


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