2015 BM Silo celebrates its 50 years anniversay.
2014 Our new fully automated robot plant is initiated.
2013 A new Pullmax punch is purchased. 
Two minor structural additions are built.
2012 BM Silofabrik has 35 full-time employees.
2009 Dorte Martinsen takes over the job as managing director. 
Claus Martinsen becomes an export manager.
2008 Erection of a new storage building and office premises.
2006 Introduction of LEAN in the production.
2005 BM Silofabrik celebrates its 40 years anniversary.
2004 BM Silofabrik has some 20 full-time employees, eight in the office, four in the warehouse and eight in the plant.
2003 Some 40% of the company’s turnover originates from export.
1998 An integrated Finn Power punching and cutting cell is purchased.
1996 Claus Martinsen, the son of Bent Martinsen, takes over the company.
1992 The first rotating punch is purchased.
1990 BM Silofabrik celebrates its 25 years anniversary.
1987 The painting and mixing sector is sold to Skiold Sæby.
1975 The staff consists of eight employees.
BM Silofabrik starts exporting its products to Swedish and German customers.
1970 The company expands for the first time by a structural addition.
1965 BM Silofabrik is founded by Bent Martinsen.