Round steel silo

Rund stålsilo ikoner Rund stålsilo

BM Round steel silo is made of aluzinc plates
which are high quality plates that combine
the best properties of aluminium and zinc.

Delivered fully assembled from the factory -
Delivered unassembled for export


Measurements (mm) Height (m) Contents (t)
Ø 1885 mm 5.3 - 7.3 4.1 - 7.5
Ø 2480 mm 5.0 - 8.8 7.2 - 18.5
Ø 2340 mm 6.5 - 12.5 7.8 - 24.6
Ø 3100 mm 7.9 - 15.1 16.0 - 51.7
Ø 4860 mm 9.5 - 15.5 56.0 - 123.0

Bottom cone 
The silo is emptied from the bottom, so-called mass flow. The oldest feed always comes out first, ensuring better feed hygiene and reduced separation of ground feed. The specific gravity and properties of the feed are therefore always the same.
Smooth sides and cantilevers ensure that the silo is always emptied completely.

Injection unit
Filling takes place through a long bend pipe and a cyclone, which is the most gentle way of filling the silo.

Cyclone and injection pipe are standard equipment.
Natural venting means no condensation problems which is a condition for achieving optimum feed hygien.

Standard equipment
The BM Round Steel Silo comes with an injection pipe, a tanker lorry connection flange, a cyclone with a rain cap, an inspection hatch, a manually operated shut-off slide and expansion bolts for fastening to the base.

Optional equipment such as vent pipes, level sensors, vibrators as well as connecting pieces for feed system and auger inlets can be ordered.


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