Passion for generations ...

Despite the fact that BM Silo has celebrated its 50th anniversary, the company does not stand still in any way.

Today, BM Silo is run by Dorte and Claus Martinsen who is the managing director and export manager, respectively. Further information about BM Silo’s history

Our well-known “Modular silo” was first launched in the 1970s, and despite its many variants today, the same principle continues as the basis of our products to this very day. 

We have exported ours silos since 1972. Our “Kit-form” packaging means that our silos are ideally suited for export and some 80% of our turnover is exported.
The knowledge we gain through our world-wide dealer network is used to develop, enhance and expand our product range.

Our production premises, located in a previous farm building, appear up-to-date and appealing with the latest equipment in CNC machinery and LEAN production.
JUST-IN-TIME production allows us to provide extreme flexibility in terms of delivery times and product mixes.

BM Silo has some 35 employees of which many have been with us for a number of years but we also accept social responsibility as we usually employ unemployed and unskilled employees.

Our employees are always willing to seek in-service training to gain new knowledge so we can produce as efficiently as possible and maintain production at the address in Tvis.

This ensures the basis of a well-documented quality product at competitive prices throughout the world.

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