Robot plant

In June 2015 BM Silo celebrated it’s 50th anniversary and in that connection we thought it would be a great idea to use that as the date to officially open our new robotic production line. This is a newly developed system which in the future will help to ensure an even more efficient and safe production at BM Silo. The robots will among other things reduce the pressure and relieve the heavy lifting for our employees, and in short it can be said that the current silo production is moved to a robotic solution that intends to fold and pack silos.

We have created a thorough and unique product that will make BM Silo even stronger. The robot plant consist of two identical robots, which has different tasks. With the robots, we can produce at a similar speed to the man doing it, but at a more consistent pace across the shifts, so we end up being more productive. Luckily, robots do not get tired or need coffee breaks or lunch!

Using automation to tasks of less demanding nature, allows us to hire people with higher skill levels and not least people who can see a future working with us.

The use of robots, we see as an opportunity for our current and future employees to upskill and be better at what they are doing. It is good for them and the company.

The ability to remain competitive has not been without challenges. We are able to deliver our modular silos in kit form on a single pallet. This makes it easy to distribute, and makes it possible to remain competitive. We have the ability to produce hundreds of different sizes and combinations, as our customers around the world have different requirements and demands. For almost 10 years ago, we set ourselves a goal of being able to produce a product 3 hours after order placement, a tough task, but we have proved that it is possible manually; we just need to do it with automation now. The new robot system will take us closer to this goal.

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