Time to step up

BM Silo has been working with CSR and sustainability issues for years, but we have now decided to make it systematic by monitoring and evaluating our efforts.
As a first step, we have run an internal Global Goals workshop to increase awareness about SDG and the goals BM Silo have embraced. Our employees are the drive towards change, and we believe that is crucial for us to understand the purpose, value and impact of SDG on both our business and everyday life.
In this way, we can share the same vision on sustainability to create a more sustainable business environment and a better life for ourselves and for the generations to come through quality education, responsible production and consumption on top of hunger eradication.
Based on that, we embraced three out of 17 goals and we are committed to work methodically and purposefully with them.
We hope you will get inspired and, why not become an ambassador for the 17 s Global Goals yourself. 




We aim to make a difference

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all. The Goals address the global challenges we are facing in the world we live in including poverty, climate change, education, peace and justice, good wealth and well-being.
SDGs aim is to leave no one behind, and BM Silo’s vision is to work towards the achievement of those goals that help people and the planet. We believe that corporate action is vital to accomplish the 2030 UN’s Agenda and we aim to make a difference.
That’s why we have included SDG in our business strategy.
It is our resolution to contribute to a long-lasting positive change for our company, for the people we work with and for the planet itself.

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BM Silo helps to reach goal no.:

Nr. 2 - Zero Hunger
by ensuring the traceability and hygiene of the crops
by using transport with low CO2 footprint
by offering optimum storage solutions
by helping projects in Uganda
Nr. 4 - Quality education
by taking social responsibility
by training unskilled adults
by hiring young people with challenges and giving them an education
by collaborating with various institutions as Jobcenter, school or NPO
through various mentoring programs

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Nr. 12 - Responsible consumption and production
by waste sorting
by digitizing and automating internal processes
by choosing sustainable suppliers

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