Mineral silo

Mineralsilo ikoner  

The Mineral silo is designed for storage of powders and granulates with a density of up to 1100 kg/m³.

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Measurements (mm) Height (m) Contents (m3) Load metre Installation hours
1600 x 1600 2.20 - 5.20 2.17 - 9.12 1.40 3.5 - 10
2018 x 2018 2.84 - 5.39 4.69 - 13.65 1.40 3.5 - 10

* Additional information about calculating installation hours

Hot-dip galvanised (Z275) long-lasting metal sheets sections are standard in this silo. The smooth steel plates ensure excellent hygiene and optimum emptying of the silo. A high-pressure cleaner can be used for cleaning the plates. The silo is also available in stainless steel.
The modular system guarantees a high level of adaptability through a wide range of combinations improving space issues, and are easy to assemble on site.
Installation in existing buildings is smooth as all parts of the silo can pass a standard door opening.
The bottom cone is available with a 60° inclination and with full-height partition walls. The outlet measures 300x300mm and has two slide gates in stainless steel of 150x300mm. By using the two slides in turn, you can ensure a full discharge of your material.
The leg length is adapted to allow most augers to be installed below the silo. Silos with other outlet heights can be delivered on request.
Standard equipment – the silo is supplied with an inspection hatch in the cover, manually operated slide gate, a steel cover and complete injection with tanker flange, pipes, filter box and filter bag.
Accessories such as level sensor, vibrator and transitions for lift stations and auger inlets can be ordered.


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