Auger discharge silo

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Auger discharge silo allows optimum emptying efficiency of light materials that often cause bridging. The system is designed with two different pitches to allow uniform discharge. 

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Motor size
Nom. capacity ton/t
Load metre

1050 x 1700 1,39 - 4,91 0,34 - 3.50 1,5 kW / 7,8 1,00 5 - 11
1300 x 1950 1,52 - 5,04 0,46 - 5,50 1,5 kW / 7,8 1,40 5 - 12
1550 x 2200 1,94 - 5,46 1,27 - 8,67 2,2 kW / 7,8 1.40 5 - 13
2050 x 2700 2,28 - 5,82 3,15 - 16,55 3,0 kW / 4,6 1,40 7 - 18,5
2550 x 3200 2,68 - 7,72 6,29 - 36,53 3,0 kW / 4,6 2,20 9 - 25
3000 x 3650 3,05 - 8,09 10,47 - 52,79 3,0 kW / 4,6 2,20 9 - 32

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The auger silo is modular and share not only components with the BM Modular silo, but also advantages such as long service life, galvanized plate sections, many combination options and good hygiene.
Installation in existing buildings is easy as all parts of the silo can pass through a standard door opening.
The trough auger is open along the section length. The auger flight has two different pitches to allow uniform discharge.
The Q-16 outlet of the trough auger is located outside the silo, so that the contents only flow when the auger is running. The auger is powered by a heavy duty worm gear motor, operating at a standard speed of 93 RPM. A wide range of worm gear motors allows you to change the auger capacity.
The agitator can be mounted for particularly difficult materials.  A separate worm gear motor is driving the Agitator making sure that the agitator only runs when necessary.
The leg length has been adjusted to allow trough augers and screw conveyors to be mounted under the silo discharge. Naturally, the outlet height can be changed as required using our wide range of extension legs.
Standard equipment - the auger discharge silo is supplied with an inspection door, inspection glass, steel cover and trough auger with worm gear motor. The silo can also as standard be supplied with injection unit complete with tanker lorry connection flange, piping, filter box and filter bag.
Optional equipment as agitator, level sensors, vibrators and connecting pieces for augers and feed system inlets, etc can be ordered.



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