Silo manufacturer invents much-needed auger mixing silo

for recycling plastic

A specially developed mixing system has now made it possible for plastic manufacturers to mix recycled plastic in such a way that they achieve a mass much more homogenous than previously. This increases ways of using recycled plastic and decreases the amount wasted during the processing process.

The two people who have developed a new silo with a mixing system that is particularly suitable for the plastics industry. Technical Project Engineer Joakim Koldsø (right) and Key Account Manager James Olsen (left).

The two people who have developed a new silo with a mixing system that is particularly suitable for the plastics industry. Technical Project Engineer Joakim Koldsø (right) and Key Account Manager James Olsen (left).

It is always part of an order produced by BM Silo that customers receive customizations to their end product – this includes for example leg length, extra partitions, holes for sensors, inspection glass, and much more.

Recently, BM Silo received demands from several customers for an auger for silos that can run whilst adding material. Something that the BM Silo development team now can present a solution to.

"We have specially developed an auger that mixes the material in a way that ensures that the mass is homogeneous. It can continuously mix the material, even during filling, so it ensures a uniform mass when emptying," explains Technical Project Engineer at BM Silo, Joakim Koldsø.

The model has been given the name Auger Mixing Silo and is now a permanent of the list of products available from BM Silo. The silo manufacturer has already sold several of the new model - mainly to companies in Scandinavia. BM Silo has also received inquiries from companies from Germany and Canada interested in the new model.

 High quality and a stable melt index

According to BM Silos Key Account Manager James Olsen, one of the reasons why the new model is already popular is that recycling of material, in general, is an ongoing theme within the plastic industry currently. He finds that companies are more interested in using recycled plastic and that the market is growing:

"When using recycled plastic, you mix several qualities of plastic, where the desire is to achieve as homogeneous a mass as possible, of course with a similar melt index. This makes the plastic material more usable and durable, and if you, as a plastic manufacturer, want to be able to offer such a product to your customers - then this is where our Mixing Silo comes in," explains James Olsen.

The mixing system is built into BM Silos' well-known modular silos. Customers and partners can therefore expect the same possibilities for adaptations in the design as with all their other silos.

 A better mix saves time and money

It is not only the value of the end product that is increased with Mixing Silo, explains BM's Technical Project Engineer Joakim Koldsø. By continuously mixing plastic materials in the silo, the manufacturer saves both time and money:

"The less time the manufacturer has to spend adjusting and calibrating in between filling the silo, the more time they save. When the silo mixes simultaneously while being filled, it ensures that the material that comes out is of the same standard. At the same time, there is less waste because you don't have a residual product that you have discarded when switching from one plastic type to another."

 Compact kits delivered worldwide

The silos made at BM Silo differ further from silos with a similar mixing system in the way that they are installed on-site. This means that regardless of the placing of the silo at the customer's location, production will remain undisturbed upon delivery, explains James Olsen.

"There is, of course, a financial benefit to using a Mixing Silo in your production, but it is also delivered in such packaging that it can fit through an ordinary door. Our modular silos are built inside the production at the final destination. Production can continue during installation, and they do not have to remove roof tiles or similar to hoist them into the room. It also means that we can easily deliver to the whole world.”

If you would like a Mixing Silo or one of BM Silo's other products, you are always welcome to contact BM Silo. The silo manufacturer does not sell directly to the end user but is happy to help with guidance and referrals to dealers worldwide.



• Auger Mixing Silo contains a specially designed mixing system, which means that the content is mixed using a large auger that continuously mixes to a homogenous mass.

• The advantages are that time can be saved because calibration between fillings becomes irrelevant.

• Low waste, because there is no residual product during the transition from one material to another.

The new Mixing Silo from BM Silo, which is delivered compactly and assembled at the customer's location.

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