Agrosilo - rectangular

agrosilo rektangulær

Agrosilo is the perfect choice for bulk storage of your crops such as wheat, barley, oats, but also meal feed or pellets.

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Measurements (mm) Height (m) Contents (m3) Load metre Consultative installation hours*
1550 x 2050 1,46 - 7,76 0,61 - 12,18 1,20 8 - 26
2050 x 3000 2,08 - 7,12 3,20 - 21,72 3,20 8 - 26
2550 x 3000 2,96 - 8,00 3,90 - 27,41 3,20 8 - 26

* Additional information about calculating installation hours


Galvanised sections (Z275) provide long-life durability, ensuring good internal hygiene and optimum silo discharge. The panels can resist high-pressure cleaning.
The modular system is flexible, offering various combinations and the sections are ready for easy on-site assembly.
Installation in existing buildings is easy, as all silo parts can pass through a standard doorway.
The silo discharge flanges are 300x300 mm with a shut-off slide and fit BM auger feed units or any customized transition as optional.
The bottom cone is available with 45° or 60° angles. The 45° cone is suitable for easy-flowing materials such as feed pellets, grain and wood pellets. The 60° is the perfect choice for flow challenged materials.
The standard leg length is allowing most standard feed system inlets and augers to be fitted under the silo. If a different discharge height is required, the silo can be delivered with another set of legs. Standard legs are ranging from 100 cm to 300 cm in increments of only 10 cm.
Standard equipment - The Agrosilo is supplied with an inspection door, inspection window, a manually operated shut-off slide and a steel cover.
Injection unit complete with tanker connection flange, piping, filter box and filter bag can also be supplied with the silo as standard.
Optional equipment as level sensors, vibrators and connecting pieces for augers and feed system inlets can be delivered.


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