Trough Auger 152 mm

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BM Trough auger is the reliable choice for horizontal
and slightly inclined conveyance of dry materials such 
as grain, feed pellets, meal feed and soya bean meal. 

The enclosed trough auger is dust-free and practically 
silent. It also withstands idle running.

Nominal capacities t/h

 Auger pitch Worm gear motor /
Auger rpm
187 280
Standard 12.1 18.1 25.9
Reduced 11.1 16.6 23.8
30° Standard 9.2 13.8 19.7
30° Reduced 8.9 13.3 19.1

The 152 mm trough auger has a capacity of up to 28 tons per hour. Extensions with an easily lubricated bronze bearing and cover are available in 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 m lengths. The maximum conveying length is 20 metres with one motor and 40 metres with motor in both ends.

The drive is normally placed at the outlet end and is available with a worm gear motor. A pole-changing switch on the motor allows the auger to run in both directions.

Standard equipment 
The trough auger is supplied with a drive, a 400x150 mm outlet, extensions with covers and intermediate bearings as well as end plates with ball bearings.

Ø150 or OK160 inlet, 300x300 inlet hopper, connectors from 400x150 to Ø150/OK160, shut-off slide, Ø150 end outlet (instead of the end plate) and extra outlets for bolting on.


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