Hopper with flexible auger


BM Hopper is ideal for storage and transportation 
of most ingredients used for compound feeds. 

The two vertical sides and the auger that is open 
along the entire length of the hopper substantially 
reduce the risk of baulking.

Stainless or galvanized
Mineral compounds can act rather aggressively on steel. To make sure that the hopper sides remain smooth, we recommend using a hopper with a stainless container. Alternatively we can supply containers with a powder painted finish. For meal and non-aggressive materials we recommend our favourably priced galvanized hoppers.

Three sizes
BM Hopper is available in three sizes. Type 100 measures 1 x 1m and contains 390 litres.  Type 150 measures 1.5 x 1m and contains 600 litres Type 160 measures 1.6 x 1m and contains 720 litres.

Top sections 
Available for type 100: A 38 cm (340 litre) and a 88 cm (800 litre). 
Available for type 150: A 38 cm (523 litre) and a 88 cm (1212 litre).
Available for type 160: A 30 cm (450 litre) and a 90 cm (1360 litre). 
When fitting a number of top sections it may be necessary to mount an inverted vee over the auger flight. However, this may increase the risk of baulking. Cover available in all sizes.

Hopper for flexible auger available with or without drive unit, prepared for type 75 or type 90 pipe and flight. As several hoppers are often fitted in a mixing system, we recommend that the motor is placed on the hopper. This makes it possible to use a common discharge unit where several augers deliver materials to the same point.

Drive unit
BM hoppers are available with a worm gear motor

Big bag grating can be supplied for both type 100, 150 and type 160 hoppers.


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